Surveillance capitalism: some insights

In the article  Capitalist Evolution and stakeholder capitalism , we identified six phases of development in the capitalist system, reflecting economic, social, and political changes over time. In these reflections, we did not consider a concept that appears quite interesting and could be seen as a specific phase within this system. We are talking about surveillance capitalism.

Capitalist evolution and stakeholder capitalism

The development of the capitalist system can be divided into phases that reflect economic, social, and political changes over time. The division can vary depending on the perspective and economic theory used. Below, we present phases generally recognized in texts about the history of capitalism, especially the first five.

Corporate governance does not shield against fraud

Good corporate governance practices, internal and external control organs, as well as organizational leaders should not be automatically judged and condemned as if they were, as the case may be, flawed, negligent, complicit, or even participants in the face of fraud and other illegal irregularities.